Alternative Moscow
No account of Moscow identity can be complete without the history of its graffiti. They are a vivid token of human existence. The city seems to be speaking to itself by means of these messages, in cryptic language making the stone cry out of the wall.
Moscow Underground is indeed a labyrinth of signs. Metro extensive catacombs outstrip all other transport systems for sheer artistry: marble, mosaics, stained glass. There are always rumors of the world under the ground – so let’s go down and try to decode and interpret them.

Meeting Point
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Kazimir Malevich with Black Square
We will take you to read street-writings and urban graffiti making the right associations and connections. We will combine the art of walking the streets of Moscow with a journey to great subterranean metropolis –Moscow Underground. Let’s check this extraordinary profusion of tunnels and stations with their mysterious names such as Kitay-Gorod, Mayakovskaya and Chistiye Prudy.
The Underground is also the place for chance meetings and coincidences, it generates fear and anxiety of strangers, of thieves, and of the mad who haunt its endlessly running-trains. Moscow metro like no other is full of symbols, stories, skeletons, hiding their beauty and sufferings in the depth of infinite tunnels. Let’s answer to the call of their whispers and try to trace their footprints.


We will send you detailed directions to the Meeting Point as well as the End Point once you book the tour. Two metro tickets required. Join in!

Fact file

What is effectually masked from the eye of passers-by?
Was Moscow Metro designed as a fallout shelter?
Who are the spooky ghosts and what are the mysteries they conceal?
Walk the dark streets and hear their anonymous voices.
Find out more about the metro station where Milla Jovovich fights Zombie-virus in Resident Evil series.
Learn about Russian art through its graffiti and murals!
Come and check legends and myths of Moscow Underground!
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