Moscow is the city, which is rich in human history. And books are the way the dead communicate with us. However without their authors’ private tales the messages are incomplete..
Either you are familiar with Moscow of Dostoevsky and Pushkin, or always doubt how incomprehensible volumes like War and Peace and The Brothers Karamazov considered fabulous masterpieces we will intrigue you.
Let’s find out whatever wisdom or fun we could glean from Russian writers’ craft and discover the stories behind all-time greatest page-turners.
Meeting Point
Mayakovsky statue,
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“I share no man’s opinion,
I have my own”
Ivan Turgenev
We will scratch the surface of Russian literature iceberg and talk about both: the sorrow that had taken hold of poets’ hearts and joy, behind the scene, delightfully giggling with the authors voices. Quotes from their books can be found everywhere and anywhere in Moscow and some of them belong to city, its citizens as much as fish belong to water.

We are here neither to lecture, nor to force preaching morals and words down the throat, but to navigate you through beautiful novels, which are populated by idiots, tsars and pretty princesses, and are told by lovers and madmen, and liars, and strangers. This tour is like a bookish ice-cream. It is to make you feel happy when you finish it.


Arrive at Mayakovskaya metro station; spend some time to admire its interior. Exit the station to Bolshaya Sadovaya street, make a pleasant 5 minutes ride on swings you will see right away and head towards Mayakovsky statue. Our guide with stylish umbrella will meet you right there.
meeting point

Fact file

What inspired Gogol to write a story of a man, who woke up and discovered that his nose had gone missing?
Who and why fired the fatal bullet in a duel with Pushkin?
Which phrase could please ANY sales assistant in Moscow bookshops?
What was Bulgakov’s vision of Moscow?
Idiots free tour with many jaw-dropping facts
Find the secrets of love-triangle formed by soviet greatest poet Mayakovsky.
What were the topics of correspondence between Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi? Did Leo ask him to become a private tutor for all his 13 kids?
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