The Classic
Moscow Route
Moscow... a huge inspiration for ones and «the city that has much suffering in front of it» for others. It's a city of enormous contradictions, a place with the highest number of living billionaires and the world’s greatest Theatreland with the most famous opera and ballet stages.
Moscow has fantastic energy — it is tempting and inviting you to make life big, however she has a short memory and will not care about you, your despair and tears.

10:30 a.m.
Every Weekend
Meeting Point
Cathedral of Christ
the Saviour
(Russian Taj Mahal)
Moscow... how many strains are fusing in
that one sound, for Russian hearts!
What sore of riches it imparts!
Alexander Pushkin
The classic Moscow Route begins with a stroll along the most ambitious and expensive church building project — Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, heads to Bolotnaya square, where we’ll discover some eyepopping examples of modern sculpture, which made the whole city talk about it in terms of hate-or-love discussion.
Afterwards, we will follow the path to the concentric and formidable Kremlin Walls to learn more about Communism history and to see the graves of ruthless dictator Joseph Stalin and Yuriy Gagarin, the first man to orbit the planet.
From the Kremlin Walls, we will make our way to a luxury department store, or Russian Harrods - GUM and go to St Basil’s Cathedral, one of Russia’s portrayed symbols.


Arrive at Kropotkinskaya metro station, spend some time to admire the station’s spacious interior. Exit the station and head south towards the nearby Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Look for the Red Umbrella and meet our guide right in front of the entrance to Cathedral.
meeting point

Fact file

Discover what Stalin and a fictional character from Harry Potter series Lord Voldemort have in common.
Find out about the time when the Devil appeared in Moscow and caused havoc. Trace his steps and watch out!
Don’t miss the story of Torture Festival arranged by Ivan the Terrible in Red Square.
Uncover how Napoleon made Moscow great again. Note down unique inventions of Communism such as the Kassa system etc.
Learn how an isolated wooden fortress turned into tremendous Kremlin, shining like Jerusalem from outside, but like Bethlehem inside.
Reveal unparalleled Russian spirit.
Plus much more fascinating discoveries!
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